July Summer Learning on DOE Channel 356

posted Jul 1, 2020, 4:01 PM by Debra Heyler   [ updated Jul 1, 2020, 4:05 PM ]

Check out the DOE's July lineup of special programming for summer learning! Catch daily educational shows from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on DOE Channel 356 (Charter Spectrum and Hawaiian Telcom). #HI4PublicEd

Summer Learning Opportunity

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Hello everyone,

#Kalihilions families, your child has a free opportunity to join the 2020 virtual summer lab. There is a link below for more information and a link to register. Registration starts on June 26th.

Registration link:

Find out more by visiting our website:

COVID-19 Update 17

posted Jun 2, 2020, 4:50 PM by Daniel Larkin

Aloha Lions,

I hope your summer has started well.  We have just a few things for you today.

  1. Our summer school will start next Monday.  If you have not already done so, please sign up immediately.  We are nearly out of spaces and want to make sure that those who need it most get it.  Please sign up at ttps:// or go to our school website to see the link there.  You can also apply in person at the office. 
  2. As guidance comes out we like to share it with you.  Hawaii Dental Service has put out a video about COVID-19 and sharing that is worth having your children watch.  Please go to to watch their video HDS "Share Aloha, Not Germs" Public Service Announcement 2020
  3. Report cards are being mailed out tomorrow.  Please be on the lookout. 

I hope to see many of you this summer, and all of you in August.  Be safe out there lions.

We are the Lions.  We are the Future!


Mr. Larkin 

COVID-19 Update #16

posted May 28, 2020, 1:25 PM by Daniel Larkin

Aloha Lions,

Just a couple of quick updates and reminders this morning as today is our last day of school. 

1. If you have not picked up your personal items from the cafeteria today is your last opportunity to do so.  We will be tossing any remaining items in the rubbish today at 1:00 PM.  

2. The summer school application link at has been fixed.  There was a setting error.  Please submit your application as soon as possible. 

3. Our awards assembly video is ready and can be found at In addition, we have many, but not all, of our awards certificates available in the cafeteria for pickup today before 1:00 PM. 

4. The school office will be closed tomorrow but will reopen for regular work hours starting next week Monday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM daily.

I look forward to seeing many of you today.  Have a wonderful day. 

Remember.  We are the Lions.  We are the FUTURE!


Mr. Larkin

COVID-19 Update #15

posted May 27, 2020, 10:59 PM by Daniel Larkin

Aloha Lions!

Can you believe it!  We are on the last school day of the year. Wow, has this year been a crazy one.  I cannot express the sadness we will feel tomorrow to close up the year without students on campus.  For our 5th grade students, I say to you, you will be forever in my heart as the first class I met when I first got here on campus and you have made a spot in my heart forever.  If ever any of you need assistance or help in any way, I will be here for you. 

We have a lot of announcements for everyone and all of them are important. 

  1. 5th-grade students, please stop by the school Thursday to check for any last items put out by teachers, staff, and the office as well as see the sendoff posters made for you by the staff.
  2. The 5th-grade promotion video is available to watch and on our school website tomorrow. 
  3. The awards assembly video will be available to watch on our school website later tonight. 
  4. Summer school applications are being accepted.  Please go to to apply.  Summer school begins on June 8th.  Applications will also be mailed home and are available in the office.  Space is limited so apply soon. 
  5. The office will be open for normal business hours (7:30-4:00 pm) starting June 1st.  Please remember to wear a mask when conducting business.
  6. A+ applications for the next school year are available in the office.
  7. Kindergarten registration is ongoing and will move into the office on June 1st.
  8. Kalihi Waena will be opening for summer feeding as of June 8th.  We will be having free breakfast and lunch for all children 18 and under all weekdays except holidays.  This is for drive-up or walk-up, grab-and-go only.  No dine-in service.
    1. Breakfast 7:30 AM- 8:00 AM
    2. Lunch 11:30 AM- 12:00 PM
  9. Report cards will be mailed out next week.  Please expect them to be delivered by June 12th

Every year I have a chance to reflect on my fondest and most challenging moments of the year.  I have to say this year has been unique as both events are equally to the extremes.  My most challenging moment was the realization that my Keiki, my ohana, my LIONS were not coming home to campus to finish their learning this year. I know we got work to you all and that many of you learned a lot via the internet, but not nearly enough.  My fondest memory was on the first day of school when I realized that this truly is my school, my home, my ohana, my LIONS, and I had the privilege of loving and caring for all of you while you joined us in learning.  To you all, I say aloha until we meet again, hopefully, sooner rather than later.  

Remember.  We are the Lions.  We are the FUTURE!

With Aloha,

Mr. Larkin

COVID-19 Update #14

posted May 18, 2020, 9:45 PM by Daniel Larkin

Aloha Lions,

Wow, time flies!  It seems like only last week we were trying to figure out how to start this distance learning "thing" and now we are almost done!  I have a few updates for everyone in our ohana.  

1.   We have only two weeks left for packet pickup.  We are distributing packets all the way to the end of the school year, so our last distribution day is May 28th. There will be no distribution on May 25th, so PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade can pick up their work on Tuesday, May 26th.  Please note that the work picked up for this week and next will be "summer" work intended on giving them projects and activities to do throughout the summer and will likely look much different than previous weeks.  

2.   If you have not picked up your student's personal items please do so immediately.  We will throw all items away as of May 28th. No exceptions.

3.   We are creating short videos to celebrate our students.  Our 3rd and 4th quarter assemblies were not able to be held, therefore we will be doing them via video.  In addition, our 5th-grade aloha assembly cannot be held as usual.  We will be making a video for our students to celebrate their accomplishments.  Neither of these videos will be able to express what we want, but it is, unfortunately, the best we can do at this time.  We hope to distribute the videos next week on the 28th. 

4.   Last week I let you all know that the normal yearbook is not going to happen.  This week we have started the process to make our own and have it printed at the reprographics department of the Department of Education.  It will take a few months, and won't be as good as the pro's, but it will also be cheaper.  We hope to have a limited run of 150 printed for sale at the start of the school year.  The approximate price will be $8.00  

5.   We are working on some expanded summer school programs for our students who struggled this school year.  Please be on the lookout in your mail for an invitation.  We are VERY limited in the number of students we can invite.  If you receive an invitation for the program, please respond immediately or your slot WILL be filled by another student. 

6.   We have been lucky to have a group of helpful community members cut down the trees and underbrush by the bridge to Richard Lane.  If you see them, please thank them.  We want to thank them for their hard work.  

Lastly, I wanted to thank all of you.  As the parents of our Keiki, you have shouldered the burden of educating them while this event shut down our schools.  As a parent myself, I know how difficult that is.  We have asked you to retrain yourselves as teachers, without any support, and you have done well.  I know you cannot wait to turn over the education back to us, and we cannot wait for the students to be back.  But know, we are and will always be here to support you.  Stay strong lions.

Remember, We are the Lions.  We are the Future!


Mr. Larkin

May Day 2020

posted May 1, 2020, 12:37 PM by Daniel Larkin

Aloha Kalihi Waena 'Ohana. Happy May Day! We hope you enjoy this May Day hula by our PPT Ms. Princess Sumibcay and sung by our Kalihi Waena students. Our librarian Mrs. Lam created the video. Every Friday we would start our school day singing our alma mater, Kalihi Waena Aloha. How wonderful that May Day landed on Friday this year! Please sing along as you watch Ms. Princess dance to Kalihi Waena Aloha. 

May Day 2020.mp4

Project HOPE

posted Apr 28, 2020, 5:20 PM by Daniel Larkin

Project HOPE rev

COVID-19 Update #8

posted Apr 23, 2020, 7:19 PM by Daniel Larkin

Aloha Lions,

I hope this message finds you well.  Only a few updates today.  First I want to thank all of you for the hard work you are doing guiding your children through this tough time.  Take some time to yourself this weekend and relax.  We still have at least one more month of this and you need to remember to enjoy some downtime on your own.  On to our announcements.

1. Tomorrow at 5 pm I will be hosting a virtual coffee hour on google meet.  Please join us by going to  between 5 pm and 6 pm and you will be able to ask our VP Mrs. Heyler or me whatever questions you would like.  

2. For those students who live at KPT and who are unable to come to school to pick up work packets, we have partnered with PACT to distribute work at their lunch pickup.  This work will be one week, behind the work here at school, but still, a way for you to get it.  The preferred method is still to come to school so we can track who is receiving the work and can help you with anything if needed.  

3. Kindergarten registration will begin May 5th from 10 am - 1 pm in the school cafeteria and will happen every Tuesday and Thursday until May 28th.  Any student who will be 5 years old as of August 1st this year must register.  Please bring the following information when registering.
        a.TB (Tuberculosis) clearance
        b. Physical Examination
        c. Immunizations Record
        d. Birth Certificate
        e. Proof of Residence

4. When dropping off packets please make sure to have your child's name on the work AND put the colored IRA work packet into the box that says IRA.

5.  All library books are due back to the school.  We have a cart in the cafe for you to put the books into, just inside the door.  We also have free books for you to take home forever if you need books, near the exit by the kitchen door. 

Keep strong Lions!  Remember, We are the Lions.  We are the Future!


Mr. Larkin

COVID-19 Update #7

posted Apr 19, 2020, 3:34 PM by Daniel Larkin

Aloha Lions Ohana,

I hope this message finds you all well.  I have a number of announcements for you today. 

  1. As you have likely heard, Hawaii schools will not resume normal operations this school year.  We will continue with distance learning, i.e. eLearning and packet pickup through May 28th.
  2. Spring pictures are available for pickup during our normal Monday through Thursday 10 am- 1 pm packet pickup times.  
  3. At some point and time, we will be scheduling days for students to come in to pick up personal items.  We will get you this information as soon as we can.
  4. Kindergarten registration will be resuming soon.  Please call for an appointment or wait for our registration drives both on and off-campus once these are announced. 
  5. Free breakfast and lunch will continue to be served at Dole and Farrington through at least May 28th for students 18 and under.
  6. Kokua Kalihi Valley 2229 N. School St. is offering free lunch to families on Fridays from 10-noon.  Please email for more information. 
  7. We have been receiving some donations for students to receive laptop computers during this time of need. We will continue to distribute them by order of need for students at risk.  If you have or know of anyone who has used laptops available for student use please drop them off at the school during packet pickup times. 
  8. Many facility maintenance projects are happening on campuses throughout the state as there are no/few students on campus.  If you see construction or maintenance, please stand clear for your safety.
  9. Our air conditioning project has been canceled due to budget shortfalls. 
  10. Please remember to check our school website for links to helpful information and updates. 

In this time of need and difficulty, it is important to reach out for help if you need it.  Please contact the school if you have any needs.  We may not be able to help you directly, but we may know people who can.  We are an ohana and we are here to help.  Stay strong Lions.  

We are the Lions.  We are the Future. 


Daniel Larkin

Proud Principal of the Mighty Lions. 

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