Principal Announcement

posted Aug 26, 2020, 7:44 PM by Daniel Larkin

Aloha Lions Ohana,

We are happy to see that over 80% of our students have been able to join us all three days this week and that number is rising every day!  We are stoked to have our keiki learning again.  Although our state is going through some hard times, and our transition to the truly online learning direction has been challenging, this will make all of us better in the long run.  I have just a few announcements today that I wanted to get out to you all.

  1. Over the next few days there will be free COVID-19 testing around the island, including near here and we recommend anyone who can, please get tested.  You can go to for more information. 
  2. We would like to remind everyone how important it is to have your children online with their teachers, working on the classwork every day.  Classes start at 8:00 and attendance does count. 
  3. We also want to remind everyone that students ARE being graded for their work at this time and will receive a grade at the end of the quarter.  Please attend daily to ensure they don't fall behind. 
  4. It is very important that the learning environment for your children is appropriate.  Students should be in a quiet space with little/no distractions.  If you have multiple students in your house, it may be better if they are not in the same room so background noise from one child's learning doesn't impact others.  Also, please remember that we can see everyone in the background, behind the students, so make sure that others in the house act/dress appropriately.
  5. We have developed online behavioral expectations which can be seen at that we would like you to go over with your children. 
  6. As a reminder, if you are having computer problems, please call the Ohana Help Desk at 643-3375 for assistance.  If they cannot help you then they will forward you to the school and we can do so.  Our staff is here to help, but we are a little overwhelmed at this time, so we ask for your patience and understanding while we try to help everyone. 

Thank you all for all of your help, understanding, and most importantly, dedication to your child's education.  We are a team in this crazy time and only together can we get through this and have our keiki thrive. Stay strong Lions.

Remember.  We are the Lions.  We are the Future!


Mr. Larkin